LESCO Bill Calculator

LESCO Bill Calculator: A Complete Guide

LESCO stands for Lahore Electricity Supply Company. The main aim of this company is to distribute the electricity among all those areas that come under its jurisdiction. AEB Lahore was reorganized as LESCO in 1988 under the industrial ordinance. Lesco controls the power distribution and management of power resources in Lahore under the authority of Wapda. After the modernization of these management authorities, one can easily calculate his Lesco online bill. For the Lesco bill calculation, there are many tools available known as the Lesco bill calculator. In order to calculate Lesco bills online, first, people should know how to use Lesco online bill calculator. For this purpose, proceed to read the article.

How To Use LESCO Bill Calculator

To use the Lesco bill calculator, one should have a good smartphone or a laptop with him. Moreover, he should have access to a good internet connection. Most people like to keep an eye on their meter to predetermine their electricity bill. Even an online electricity bill is sent before the original copy of the bill. So to check the bill, a customer should know what type of devices he has in the house, and he should know how much electricity is consumed by each appliance. For example, a mobile charger will consume a much lower amount of electricity units as compared to a refrigerator.

Many online websites, including the LESCO official website, provide the LESCO bill calculator. Some people get confused while using that tool because they don’t know about the terms used in that tool of Lesco bill calculator. To make the LESCO bill calculator used we have explained the terms.

LESCO Connection Types

one should know his type of connection. That could be domestic, agricultural, or commercial. The tariff rates apply according to the type of connection. The different types of connection in LESCO are:

    1. The tariff A1(03)  is domestic
    2. The tariff A1(01) is domestic
    3. The tariff A2(04) is commercial
    4. The tariff A2c(06)T is commercial
    5. The tariff B1(07) is industrial
    6. The tariff B1(08) is industrial
    7. The tariff B1b(09)T is industrial
    8. The tariff B2a(10) is industrial
    9. The tariff B2a(11) is industrial
    10. The tariff B2b(12)t is industrial

One should know his connection type because the rate per unit differs according to the type of connection. According to the general tariff of Pakistan, the rate per unit in the domestic sector is less than the rate per unit in the commercial sector. Similarly, the rate per unit is less in the commercial sector than the rate per unit in the industrial sector. Lesco unit calculator can easily calculate the value per unit while using the LESCO bill calculator to calculate the tariff.

LESCO Phase Types

One should know what type of phase he has applied for. There are two types of phase connections and one is a single-phase connection, while the other is a three-phase connection.

Single-phase connection
It is the type of connection in which the consumer receives the electricity by one live wire only. A house with a limited number of appliances like television, ac, fans easily runs on a single-phase connection. A Single-phase connection can carry a specific amount of load. The electricity bill of a single-phase connection is also low as compared to a three-phase connection.

Three-phase connection
A three-phase connection means that the customer is receiving electricity from three live wires. People who have a greater number of heavy appliances in their house always opt for a three-phase connection. A three-phase connection can bear the heavy electricity load. The electricity bill of a three-phase connection is usually more than the single-phase connection.

LESCO Units Consumed

To calculate the Lesco bill on the calculator, you must insert the number of units used. You can insert them in the following patterns:

It stands for Kilowatt Hour. 1KWH tells that a thousand watts are consumed in an hour.

It stands for Kilo Volt Ampere Reactive hours. A KVARH has a thousand volts ampere reactive hour.

It stands for Maximum Demand Indicator, and it stands for the maximum amount of power used during an average measure of time.

Unit Field
It includes the Lesco peak and off-peak hours.

LESCO Peak Hours

Lesco peak hours include the time of the day when the demand for electricity increases. Due to the increased demand, the rate per unit also increases.

    • December, January, and February is from 5 PM to 9 PM
    • March, April, and May are from 6 PM to 10 PM
    • June, July, and august are from 7 PM to 11 PM
    • September, October, and November are from 6 PM to 10 PM
      Lesco Off-Peak Hours: Lesco’s off-peak hours include all that time when the demand for electricity falls. This results in lowering the rate per unit.

LESCO Rents And Fee

Meter Rent
The distributors usually own the electricity meter. So if a customer is using the meter of a distributor, he has to pay some amount with the bill as the meter rent. The amount of meter rent applies according to the tariff, and usually, it is Rs 15.

Service Rent
The customer should know whether he has to pay a service rent or not. Moreover, if he knows that he has to pay the service rent, he should know the amount as well.

If a customer missed payments in the previous billing, like rents or mortgage, his account would be in arrears. He has to pay the due amount to relieve himself of this condition.

No. Of Television Sets
A customer should know the number of televisions in his house. There is a TV license fee as well. Customers living in the domestic sector will pay Rs 35 per TV, and customers living in the commercial sector will pay Rs 60 per TV.

One should always know about the following exemptions. If any exemption applies to you, do mention that.

    • Availability of STRN
    • Sales TaxFor Retailers Exempt
    • GST exempt
    • Etax exempt
    • IT exempt
    • ED exempt

Duty On Electricity: it is 1.5% for industrial and 1.5% for domestic.

How To Calculate LESCO Bill

So now we know about all those technical terms related to the Lesco electricity bill. To calculate the Lesco bill using the LESCO bill calculator, follow the given steps:

  • Select the type of connection
  • Select the tariff
  • Select the phase-type
  • Enter the number of units consumed in a month
  • Enter the meter rent if any
  • Insert the service rent if any
  • Enter the arrears if any
  • Enter the number of television sets in the house
  • Enter the exemption if any available
  • Press the calculate button
  • The electricity bill calculator will calculate the bill
LESCO Bill Calculator

Lesco Tariff Guide

Lesco unit rates differ according to the type of connection. As mentioned above, the rate per unit in the domestic sector is less than the rate per unit in the commercial sector. This difference is because electricity is used in large amounts in the commercial sector. According to LESCO bill units rates 2021, Lesco domestic units rates.

Lesco Contact Number

The customer can contact the Lesco office through its contact number in case of any inquiry. The customer should make sure that he is contacting the Lesco office present in his region. Lesco has a complaint department. In case of complaints, one can contact LESCO via these numbers

If the customer is having a complaint regarding the power failure issues, he can contact on this number: 0320-0520888

Lesco’s toll-free complaint number is 0800-00118


Lesco electricity bill calculator is one of the most authentic tools to calculate the Lesco bill online. Sometimes people doubt their total amount of bill. In such a case, the Lesco bill calculator will help them out. They can calculate their bill using Lesco online bill calculator, and then they can compare both of the bills to find the difference. We using the LESCO bill calculator, you will be able to smoothly calculate the LESCO bill.

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