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Registering an online LESCO complaint is easy and fast. You can register your complaint by filling in your personal information, the problem you are facing, and an estimate of how much time you spend on the problem per day. This article will address issues related to LESCO bill complaints such as the underlying complaints, what “bill complaints” are, and the process for filing a LESCO bill complaint.

There are various other ways in which you can register for your LESCO complaint. You can do it by their LESCO helpline number that is 0800-00118.  If the toll-free number is not reachable then there are also many contact numbers according to subdivisions in Lahore.

LESCO’s tariffs are regulated by the Government, and they can’t charge you more than what they’re allowed or approved by Government. These tariffs are be changed yearly and NEPRA (Pakistan Electric Power Company) usually defines new Tariff prices for categories now and then. If you have problems or complaints regarding unit prices or the electricity itself, you can consult LESCO customer service for more details.

LESCO Online Complaint

If you need to contact LESCO and register for a LESCO complaint regarding your electrical issue, be sure to fill out the form found on their site. They’re always happy to help! If you want to register your LESCO complaint online, click on LESCO Complaints Form on the official site. You can also go for the LESCO complaint email or can contact them on phone to register your complaint.

LESCO handles complaints about getting new connections, meter reading & energy bills, and power supply. They make sure to respond to all the complaints made by customers promptly You can check the status of your complaint when they reply. As soon as they reply, you can check your LESCO complaint status to track the progress of your complaint.

LESCO Customer Service Number

If you want to report a complaint about your LESCO bill, call the LESCO complaint helpline number below. They will need the Bill Reference number, your name, and the problem you have with your bill – for example if you have been without power or have had a power cut that wasn’t scheduled.

LESCO Complaint Number

If you’re still not happy with your LESCO complaint status, please send an email to NEPRA at this address:

NEPRA Regional Office, Lahore, 212, National Tower, Opposite LDA Plaza, Edgerton Road Lahore. Services related to electricity are usually something the public wants, especially to power their home. They can look up a lot of info about it when they call the LESCO helpline – here are their numbers. For more information on how to fill out an application, you can visit the official website of LESCO.

To get help or information, you should call the main LESCO contact center. They will be able to handle any issues you may have. Feel free to chat with LESCO if you have any customer service needs, they will be happy to help. You can also go online directly and look at their website for anything from filling out a new connection application form to having your account suspension lifted.

LESCO Customer Service Number

LESCO Customer Service For LESCO Complaint

LESCO provides a platform where consumers, councils, associations can voice their opinion in a safe environment. Recently, efforts have been made to fix relations between LESCO & its customer base. There are several strategies LESCO runs which should allow the customer to better understand utility programs and services. They also aim at making the customer experience more convenient and simplifying engagement with one-window operations.

Talking to a private news channel, LESCO’s CEO said he tried to solve electricity shortages. He initiated projects to eliminate voltage issues and sudden power cuts. After taking responsibility for his job, he did all he could to fix the problem. Problems with LESCO seem to have come about due to a lack of interest on their side of the administration. The energy regulation processes they put into place had helped cut down on complaints.

LESCO is committed to helping all its consumers, whether in person or online. To register your problem, just fill out the form online and you’ll receive a response in no time. It’s quick & easy! For any direct help or any other information, customers can utilize the “call” option. LESCO’s Telephone Directory is also available for LESCO customer service. LESCO is at the forefront of energy transmission & distribution. With their wide range of solutions, you can be sure to find what you need to meet your needs.

LESCO Customer Service

LESCO Bill SMS Service – LESCO Complaint

Send your invoice fast and easily to LESCO with LESCO’s SMS alert service. You can send a text message for registration. You can now simply register through LESCO SMS and get detailed electricity bill information online with the new app. It’ll show you how much you’ll have to pay for your monthly bills.

LESCO’s registration process is quick and easy and saves you time. LESCO offers up-to-date service information that you’ve never seen before. With LESCO New Bill Calculator, you can find out more about the cost of electricity.


If you need to report a problem with your LESCO electricity connection, the best thing to do is submit a LESCO online complaint. LESCO has an online application form given on the official website address. If you want to register your LESCO bill complaint, click on LESCO Complaints Form on the official site. You can also go for the LESCO complaint email to register your complaint through an email. Another way is to go for LESCO complaint numbers and register your Complaint through your phone.

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    Ref # 07 11143 0794503U Customer ID 9274999 Meter # S 00206340

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    مکان نمبر :١٤٣٤-بی، پاکستان روڈ، اندرون بھاٹی گیٹ لاہور ٥٤٠٠٠
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