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Check Latest LESCO Bill Online 2024-Duplicate Bill

Lesco Bill is a more authentic website to provides electricity billing information to users. It aims to help people. Lahore Electric Supply Company, known as LESCO, stands as a vital force in the power sector of Pakistan. Accordingly, serving the dynamic regions of Lahore, Kasur, Okara, and Sheikhupura, LESCO Bill aims to deliver reliable and uninterrupted electricity to its valued consumers. So, LESCO Bill Online 2024 will help you in getting billing information at ease. 

LESCO Bill Online 2024 -Electricity Bill Checking, Absolutely Free

In this age of technological marvels, convenience is just a click away. Therefore, this guide is your gate to check your LESCO Bill Online effortlessly. No more fretting over late or misplaced bills! We’ve got you covered.

Check LESCO Bill Online

At LESCO, we develop a user-friendly billing tool with one goal in mind – to make your life easier. So, say goodbye to the hassle of searching for physical bills. Our Online Bill Check service is not just efficient, but it’s also completely free

Each consumer is equipped with a unique bill reference number and a key to access and download the Lesco bill effortlessly. Your reference number is your digital identity, and it’s here to stay. We recommend keeping it in a secure spot for swift and stress-free payments. Experience the future of billing with LESCO – Where Convenience Meets Quality.

Why An Online Billing System is Very Useful

Lesco Online Bill System is a website where customers can go to get a duplicate Lesco bill without having to pay any additional fees if they haven’t received their LESCO Bills because of an error in the address or because the courier lost it.

Procedure to Generate Bill from Lesco Site

In order to generate an Electricity Bill from the Lesco site, you need to browse and then navigate to the Check Bill page, where you can find your electricity bill for the current month. You can also search directly from Google by writing a query of LESCO Bill Checker or check LESCO Bills, where you can identify our website. You need to enter your Lesco Bill Reference No, Meter No, Customer ID, and press enter to find your Wapda Electricity Bill.

This system will generate an electricity bill against your provided reference number, meter number, or customer ID. You can take a print or copy of this bill. This Duplicate LESCO Bill will be accepted at any LESCO Bill receiving agent.

How to Make LESCO Bill Payment?

There is a system in place to assist you in making your bill payments without having to wait in large lines at the bank.  These days, you may pay your bills online through the website or mobile app of nearly any commercial or microfinance bank. You can sign up and pay your utility bills for free on that site.

All Government and commercial bank locations can accept payments for utility bills. On the other hand, we now have a few additional online bill-paying choices.

  • All Govt. Banks
  • All Commercial Banks
  • All Post offices in Pakistan
  • Easy paisa App
  • Jazz Cash App
  • NayaPay App
  • Omni Sahulat Shops
  • Nadra E-Sahulat
  • Banking Online Portals/Apps
LESCO Bill Peak Hours

The following are the Lesco Bill Peal Hours;

December to February 5 PM to 9 PM
March to May 6 PM to 10 PM
June to August 7 PM to 11 PM
September to November 6 PM to 10 PM
Consumer’s Manual Safety Measures by LESCO

These days, having access to electricity is crucial. Without it, life would be without a vital component because everything depends on it. There are risks associated with the reckless use of electricity despite its many perks. Following LESCO’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) is essential for incident avoidance. LESCO has established the following SOPs.

  1. You shouldn’t mess with the poles or wires if it’s raining.
  2. You can reach the LESCO helpline at 118 or via text message at 8118 at any time, day or night. Also, you can reach the Central complaint and monitoring cell at 042-99205461-2 or 0320-052088. For this function, you can also use the CCMS or Customer complaint management system. Concerns can also be sent to
  3. Don’t ever use poor-quality cables or hang anything near live wires.
  4. Electric poles are not suitable for tying up animals.
  5. Repair any exposed wiring immediately.
  6. Don’t try to fix the wires that are submerged in the pool.
  7. Please call Rescue 1142 immediately if you or someone you know experiences an electrical emergency.
  8. Don’t use any electrical appliances if you, your clothes, or any part of your body is wet.
Taxes in the LESCO Bill

The LESCO Bill already contains taxes for the electricity used. Consumers should not have to shoulder this additional burden. The following is a description of each of them in greater detail. Your LESCO bill includes a number of taxes in addition to the already high electricity costs. Here’s how the taxes break down:

FPA: Fuel price adjustment, or FPA, is a term used in power bills. NEPRA has implemented FPA in order to level off the disparity between gas prices. The billing service typically includes a standard surcharge to make up for its operational losses.

F.C. Surcharge: The financing cost surcharge is what it says on your power statement when it starts with an F.C. There is a fee of 43 per unit for an F.C. recharge. Multiply your bill’s total number of units by 0.43 to get the F.C. surcharge.

TV FEE: To help finance Pakistan Television (PTV), the LESCO Bill also includes a set price of RS. 35.

QUARTERLY TARIFF ADJUSTMENT (QTA): After every three months, the tariff is reviewed and adjusted four times a year.

GST: In the case of electricity bills, “GST” refers to “General sales Tax.” Electricity costs comprise 17% of the total bill due to GST.

Electricity Duty: LESCO levies these taxes and fees on behalf of the government.

How can I check if my LESCO Electricity bill paid or not status?

In order to check your Lesco Electricity Bill Status, the following are the main options;

  1. Open Jazz Cash of EasyPaisa Applications
  2. Open the “Bill Payment” option.
  3. Click on the Electricity Bill option.
  4. Enter your reference number in the required field.
  5. This application will display the status of whether you paid your bill or not.
I don’t have an old LESCO bill; how can I find my reference number to check the bill?
  • The CCMS (Customer Complaint Management System) is where you may look up your billing reference number.
  • Select “Complaint Navigation” from the drop-down menu.
  • For this, go to the “Mobile Number or CNIC” drop-down option.
  • Put down your verified mobile number here.
  • Take note of your bill’s reference number.
How can I get my old LESCO bill?

Your old bills provide a full year’s worth of information if you still have them. The units and monthly payments can be viewed. Visit, enter your reference number or customer ID, and view your most recent bill even if you don’t have an old bill on hand. The units and total sum from the past 12 months are now readily available for viewing.