Frequently Asked Questions

This page is based on Frequently Asked Questions regarding Lesco online bills. It provides user guidance and necessary information.

1. What is the LESCO Bill?

Electricity users in Lahore and its outlying areas (Sheikhupura, Okara, and Kasur) receive an LESCO bill. Lahore Electric Supply Company is in charge of power distribution in the aforementioned regions.

2. How Can I Check My LESCO Bill?

LESCO provides a web portal that makes it simple to verify this information with a single online query using just your Reference Number and Customer ID. To view your bill online, enter your Reference Number or Customer ID. In the top left corner of your LESCO bill, you’ll see both the Reference Number and the Customer ID.

3. How Can I Pay My Bill Online?

By making your electric bill payment online, you can save time and effort waiting in bank lines. All you need is access to a commercial bank’s mobile app or website to pay your bills online. You can now go online and pay your bills directly from your bank account.

4. What is the LESCO Demand Notice?

After filing the necessary paperwork for a new electrical connection, you will receive the LESCO Demand Notice. The demand notice requires a bank transfer for payment. When you send in your demand letter to the LESCO office, they check it over for accuracy. You will have a new meter installed at your home after it has been validated.

5. Where to Get NOC or Affidavit for a New Electricity Connection?

You must provide a written guarantee on official stamp paper stating that you have no outstanding financial obligations. When the LESCO office discovers something improper, it can immediately put a stop to the procedure.

The NOC will require by the property owner if you have rented the property and lived there. In addition to the NOC, the following must be submitted:

  • A copy of your CNIC with an apostille from a designated government official
  • Copies of two witnesses’ CNICs certified by a gazetted officer
  • The neighbor’s electric bill is in duplicate
6. Where to Register a Complaint if Your New Electricity Connection is Being Delayed?

You can file a complaint regarding the new electrical connection by contacting the LESCO office in your region or the SDO/XEN numbers shown on the LESCO bill.

In addition, if you experience a blackout, electricity theft, or an accident and need to speak with a representative from the LESCO Complaint Cell, you can do so by dialing 0800-00118 from your landline phone.

7. How to Check whether the LESCO Bill was Paid or Not?

If you want to see if your LESCO bill has been paid, there are a few options, but I’ll give you the most reliable one.

  2. Type in the Reference or Customer ID.
  3. After that, go to the “Consumption & Payments History” tab.

After selecting it, you’ll be able to view your monthly usage and payment history for the past 12 months, broken down by unit type.