Online Duplicate Bill Lesco

The consumers of Lesco can find these online Duplicate Lesco Bills on, and they can easily generate these web bills by following simple procedures.

If you use electricity from Lesco and have not received your bill, you can do so at this location. In order to obtain a new copy of your Lesco bill, all you need is your reference number or customer ID, both of which may be located on your old statement. If you provide just one piece of information, you’ll be sent directly to your bill’s total and due date. Your invoice can be downloaded and printed at your convenience. 

LESCO Duplicate Bill with Reference Number

To identify your Lesco Duplicate Bill with Reference ID, you need to identify a 12-digit number, including a prefix on your Lesco bill. You need to insert this number effectively in the provided form and press “View Bill” or “Download Bill.” This way, you can get a copy of your Electricity Bill. You can use a Laptop or Mobile phone to get a Lesco Duplicate Bill.                   

LESCO Online Bill Check by Customer ID

For the ease of customers, you can visit the page of, which is another option to check Duplicate Electricity Bills of Lesco. On this page, you can insert your customer ID in the required field. It will provide a duplicate copy of your electricity bill.

          LESCO Duplicate Bill

LESCO Bill Check by Meter Number

You can also check your Lesco Bills by using your meter number. Lesco Bill Check by Meter Number is another option that can provide duplicate bills or the current month’s electricity bill. However, Lesco has not been providing this option to check your Lesco Bill by meter number. Therefore, you have only two options to check your electricity bills: either with a reference number or a customer ID.