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Check LESCO Duplicate Bill – LESCO Lahore – Electricity Bill

LESCO stands for Lahore Electric Supply Company. This company was formed under the industrial ordinance of 1988.  WAPDA controls the production and distribution of power and electricity all over Pakistan. Different electricity supplying countries run in different areas of Pakistan, all working under the common head of WAPDA and allowing consumers to get LESCO Duplicate Bill online for their ease.

 As technology progresses day by day, the state of Pakistan is trying to introduce the modern and best systems to these companies. The online system is also introduced in the LESCO. This system has benefited many customers. LESCO provides the services of LESCO online bill and LESCO bill check. It also makes it easy for the customers to access LESCO duplicate bills.

LESCO Bill Online Check

One can easily check the LESCO bill without stepping out of the house. LESCO provides many services to its customers. The customers can check the online bill just by clicking some buttons on their devices. In order to check the LESCO bill online, the customer must know his reference number. A reference number is written on the electricity bill. Everyone has a different reference number. The reference number, whether it is on the old bill or the latest bill; is always the same. It is impossible to check the online LESCO bill without knowing the reference number. One must have a smartphone or smart device and access to a good internet connection.

 In order to check the LESCO bill online, one must follow the given instructions:

  • In the browser search LESCO bill online.
  • Visit Lescobill.com.pk
  • Click the option of online bill check
  • Enter the reference number in the given spaces
  • Click the search icon
  • Proceed to check the LESCO online bill

LESCO Duplicate Bill

LESCO not only provides the service of checking the online bill. Instead, it also provides the service of downloading and printing out the LESCO duplicate bill copy. A duplicate bill is the exact copy that is dispatched at the customer’s residential address.

There are many reasons behind the service of providing duplicate bills. One should always keep a record of his paid electricity bills. LESCO duplicate bill makes this task easy for the customers. The customer does not need to save every hard copy of the bill. Instead, they can download all the duplicate bills on their device to maintain the record. It is very necessary to keep a record of the electricity bills because, in the case of any billing issue, the first thing the company demands from the customer is proof to show that the customer has paid the bill or not.

 Moreover, many funding scholarships that help the students carry out their educational expenses during their student life also demand to see the previous six electricity bills of the applicant’s house.

LESCO Duplicate Bill

LESCO Duplicate Bill View

One can easily view the LESCO duplicate bill. To view one needs to know his reference number. To check the LESCO duplicate bill, follow the given instructions:

  • To check the LESCO Duplicate Bill type in your reference number in the field.
  • Click on proceed button.
  • The LESCO duplicate bill will appear on the screen
  • To have a full view, click on the picture and select the option of preview

Similarly, by following these steps, one can also view the LESCO old duplicate bill. To view the old LESCO Duplicate bill, open the latest bill and then select the option of “previous duplicate bill view.”

One can also download the. In order to download the bill, follow the given instructions:

  • Open the LESCO duplicate bill in the browsing tab
  • Click on the option of preview
  • Click on the three dots present in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Many options will appear
  • Select the option of download
  • The device will ask permission to download the LESCO duplicate bill copy and click allow to continue the downloading process.

In this way, the customer can easily save and download the bill.

LESCO Duplicate Bill Print

You will be amazed to know that LESCO provides the service of downloading duplicate bills and allows the customers to print them out. It has many reasons behind it. Due to the facility of printing out the LESCO duplicate bill, one can pay the bill from anywhere.

Sometimes, the consumer is far away from his home, yet he has to pay the bill. They print the bill out wherever he is and then proceed to pay the bill. Similarly, sometimes the consumer does not receive a copy of the bill from LESCO on time. In this case, they print the bill out and pay it.

To take out the print of the LESCO duplicate bill, one must have a printer with him. He can view the bill online and print it out or download it and take the device to the photocopy shop to take the printout.

Whatever the means are, to get the LESCO duplicate bill print, follow the given instructions

  • Turn on the device (laptop/smartphone) and connect it to the printer
  • View the online
  • Click the three dots present on the top right corner of the screen
  • Select the option of print
  • Select the layout
  • Proceed to print the bill
LESCO Duplicate Bill Print

LESCO Tariff Guide

A tariff is an extra amount that is charged per unit of electricity. The tariff rates are different for different sectors. For the domestic sector, the price per unit of electricity is low than in the industrial sector.

Similarly, in the industrial sector, the price per unit of electricity is higher than that of the commercial sector. There is a general tariff guide in Pakistan. According to that tariff guide, the electricity bill per unit is Rs 3.75 up to 50 units in the residential sector. After the consumption of the first 50 units, the bill per uni becomes Rs 7.75.


How to Check the LESCO Bill?

 In order to check the LESCO bill online, one must follow the given instructions:
• Visit the official website of LESCO
• Click the option of online bill check
• Enter the reference number.
• Proceed to check the LESCO online bill.

What are Arrears/Age in the LESCO Bill?

An account is in arrears if there is any debt in the payments. Mostly arrears are for ten years.

How to Change the Name on the LESCO Bill?

Apply for the changing of the name to the LESCO office.


LESCO is one of the best power distribution companies with outstanding performance. The can be placed in their best customer service strategy. Duplicate LESCO bills printed has made the bill payment process even easier. We hope our article helps you with how to get a LESCO duplicate bill. If you have any confusion, please feel free to write in the comment section.

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