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LESCO New Connection – LESCO Online Connection – LESCO Lahore

LESCO stands for Lahore Electricity Supply Company. It is responsible for maintaining the electrical infrastructure and dividing power among all the areas under its jurisdiction. The reorganization of AEB Lahore led to the formation of Lesco. Lesco works under the central authority of WAPDA ( Water and Power Development Authority). Recently, Lesco has introduced the LESCO new connection online. The customer can easily apply for Lesco’s new connection and get the Lesco demand notice.

LESCO New Connection Procedure

The procedure for the application of the LESCO new connection is simple. There are several steps that one should follow to apply for a new LESCO online connection. To apply for a new connection online, the customer should have access to a good internet service. Moreover, the customer should have a smartphone or a laptop with himself. Following are the steps to apply for a new connection:

  • Fill out the application form for the new connection.
  • Attach the required documents.
  • Submit it to Lesco.
  • Lesco will issue a demand notice.
  • Pay the fee of the demand notice.
  • Send the receipt of the paid fee to Lesco.
  • Track the demand notice.
  • Lesco will proceed to install a new connection.

This is the general method for applying for the new connection. Most people are not familiar with how the online system works. So for those people, a detailed explanation of every step is provided in the article.

LESCO Online Meter Application

To submit the online application for the installation of Lesco online connection, follow the given instructions:

  • Carefully read all the information given on the main page of the website.
  • Now select the category of Lesco online new connection.
  • Open the application form
  • Enter the NTN ( national tax number)
  • Choose the type of connection that you want. The connections are domestic, commercial, industrial, agriculture, tubewell, temporary, street light, residential colonies, and general services.
  • Select your subdivision
  • Enter your father’s name
  • Type your CNIC number
  • Type your Present address
  • Add the mobile numbers
  • Enter the Name of the contact person
  • Enter the present address of the contact person
  • Relationship with the contact person
  • Mention the no. of meters already installed
  • Neighbor name and address
  • Also chose the meter installation company

Make sure that whatever you put inside the application is 100% correct and authentic. Lesco will do a full verification of your information. So make sure that you have proof of everything that you write.

Documents Required For Lesco Online New Connection

Lesco demands the attaching of many documents with the application. This is because the application is a very official one. And such kinds of applications require the proper attachment of documents to keep the record. Here is the list of the documents that one needs to  attach with the application:

  • The attested document of the ownership of the property. It is proof that the customer owns the place where he wants to install a new connection.
  • The attested document proves that the place never had any connection installation before. Suppose the place came out to be the one where there was an electricity connection before. In that case, the customer will pay all the residual charges of the previous connection.
  • An attested document of “ no objection” by the landlord. This document is required when the customer does not own the property. This document shows the proof that the customer is installing a new connection with the full consent of the landlord.
  • Two attested copies of the CNIC of the customer
  • Attested CNIC copies of two witnesses( two copies for each person)
  • No witness is required if you are applying for a single-phase connection
  • The electricity bill of the neighbor. It helps the staff to track the address of the applicant
Some people who are not that familiar with the online system do not know how to attach the documents with the application. To do so, follow the given instructions:
  • Take clear images of every document
  • Open the browsing tab and write the picture to pdf converter in the search bar
  • Upon pressing the search button, several tools will appear
  • Click any of them
  • Upload the picture
  • Convert it into the pdf      
  • Attach those pdf files with the application
  • Submit the application

You can also print out the application. Attach the photocopies of the required documents and submit them to the regional Lesco officer in person.

lesco online new connection

LESCO Demand Notice

After applying, Lesco will send the Lesco tracking id to the applicant. With the help of that tracking id, the customer can track the progress of his application, After complete verification of all the documents and the application. Lesco will issue a demand notice to the customer. Lesco issues the demand notice to the customer when he applies for a new connection or replacement of the meter. A customer, after receiving the demand notice, should follow the following steps.

  • Pay the fee of demand notice through the online banking websites
  • Submit the fee of the demand notice through the online banking website
  • Send the picture of the paid receipt of demand notice to Lesco.
  • The staff will work on LESCO’s new connection installation.

Tracking Of The Demand Notice

The Lesco provides the tracking id of the application the moment you submit it.  Follow the given steps if you are wondering how to do the LESCO new connection tracking.

  • Go to the given website www. enc. tracking application
  • Select the company that is LESCO
  • Enter the tracking id
  • Enter the CNIC number
  • Proceed to track the application

Manual Method For New Meter Application

The method other than the online method is also very simple. But it is quite hectic and time-consuming, and it requires the applicant’s physical presence at the Lesco office and banks. To apply for a new connection, the following are the steps to follow.

  • Visit the LESCO office.
  • A separate window is created for the people applying for the LESCO new connection.
  • Go to that window
  • Ask for the LESCO new meter application form for the new connection
  • The staff will give you the application form for free
  • Bring that application form back home with yourself
  • Fill the forms
  • Attach the photocopies of the original documents
  • Go to theLESCO office and submit the form in person
  • The Lesco staff will issue a demand notice to you after the verification of the documents
  • Pay the fee of the demand notice in the state bank or nay affiliated bank
  • Submit the paid receipt of the demand notice to the LESCO office
  • A worker from Lesco will pay a visit to your residential area
  • Then a new connection will be installed in your area

Same documents are required for the LESCO new connection online application.

LESCO New Connection Status

You can check the Lesco new connection status with the help of the tracking id. Once you insert the tracking id in the LESCO website, your application status will appear on the screen. The status will show whether you paid the fee of demand notice or not. It will also show you whether the staff is taking action on your application or not. If you find that the action is a bit slow, you can complain to the head of the complaint office in LESCO regarding Lesco’s new connection request.

Moreover, if you want to make any changes to the application or get information about the tariff on your bill, you can track your application. The website will show you the status of your application. After viewing it, you can make the required changes as well.

LESCO New Connection Fee

The LESCO new meter connection fee for a single-phase connection is generally Rs 4000. It depends upon the phase connection. The LESCO demand notice-fee is other than single-phase connection can beRs 7240.

LESCO Meter Change Application

So Sometimes people face issues with their meters. It happens when there is some fault in the meter. Sometimes the electricity meter shows more units consumed, but the customer did not actually consume that many units. Some customer receives huge bill, but their expenditure on electricity is very moderate. Sometimes the customer finds some issues with the meter. Either the needle is moving too fast, or the meter is working slowly.

In such a case, a customer writes an application to the head of the staff of the Lesco department, requesting him to replace the meter. After submitting, the application, a staff member of Lesco pays a visit to the customer’s house. He checks the meter. If the meter comes out faulty, then he reports it to the LESCO regional office. Soon the Lesco management replaces that faulty meter with a new one for that customer. The customer pays the fee for the replacement of the meter.

LESCO Meter Showing Opened

Electricity theft is done in so many ways that one cannot even imagine. The electricity thieves also steal the electricity in ways that involve tampering with the meters. They adjust a magnet inside the meter so that the needle does not show an accurate reading. Suppose one finds that his or someone else’s meter is opened or tampered with. In that case, he should immediately submit a complaint about it in the LESCO complaint portal.


What Does FPA Mean in the LESCO Bill?

FPA means Fuel Price Adjustment. LESCO is in a fixed FPA issue.

How to Calculate the LESCO Bill?

To calculate the LESCO bill, multiply the total number of units used by the rate of each unit.

How to Read Digital Electric Meter LESCO?

To read the digital electric meter of LESCO , read the number for each electric tariff displayed on the meter. The display will cycle through a digital or dual-rate meter, most commonly 10- element 1 tariff 22 or 31, which is light and power 20-element 2 tariffs 41, 42,61, or 62 are applicable: hydro heat, hot water, or off-peak.

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The LESCO online new connection application is benefitting a lot of customers. They don’t have to leave the comfort of their house to apply. Neither do they need to visit the Lesco regional office repeatedly to check their applications for Lesco’s new connection? They simply track the Lesco demand notice online in their homes. If you have any confusion with LESCO’s New connection. Feel free to write in the comment section.

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