LESCO Official Mobile Applications

Lesco Mobile Application is an official app called “LESCO Light”. You may find this software in the Apple Software Store and the Google Play store. To download the following programs, go to the App Store on an iPhone or the Google Play Store on an Android device. Below are the official app links;

Google Play: LESCO Light App

IOS Store: LESCO Light App

Safety Guide for Domestic Users

LESCO provides 220V electricity to homes and warns its customers to exercise caution when using electronics, especially when setting up brand-new appliances like ceiling fans, motors, etc.

User Education Guide for Usage
  1. In no circumstances should extension cords or wires be left exposed.
  2. Plug and switch in correctly at all times.
  3. Never hang wet items on electrical cords.
  4. Automatic voltage regulators with a delayed start should use for all large appliances, including deep freezers, refrigerators, televisions, etc.
  5. Air conditioners require proper use of capacitors and MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers).
  6. Do not try to unplug the washing machine, electric motors, or pedestal fans and then touch any of the metal parts.
  7. Avoid swimming in electrified pools if it’s raining.
  8. Fuse each stage with the appropriate size.
Tips to Reduce Your LESCO Bill Cost

In Pakistan, discussions on electricity consumption and conservation have become increasingly popular, especially in the warmer months. Optimal performance and cost-effective electricity use from air conditioners is achieved at 26 degrees Fahrenheit, as recommended by LESCO and other appliance manufacturers.

Above all, additional factors contributing to the higher LESO Bill include the use of standby power and other forms of resource waste.

  1. In the event that a room has unused lights, appliances, or other gadgets, it is best practice to turn them off.
  2. Choose mercury vapor or fluorescent lighting instead of incandescent bulbs whenever possible.
  3. Fans and motors, which experience inductive loading, require capacitors of the correct size.
  4. Make sure all AC maintenance finishes before the weather becomes too hot this summer.
  5. Don’t use high-powered appliances during the daytime when demand is high.
  6. You can keep the sun from heating up your rooms by installing double-paned windows and heavy drapes.
  7. Rigid foam panels can install as insulation in the ceiling. To avoid overheating throughout the day, insulation in the walls and ceiling is a must.
  8. Always go with an Inverter AC if you’re in the market for a new AC. After the first few minutes, inverters’ electricity use drops significantly. As a direct result, your regular charge will go down.
  9. Feel free to contact your utility company if you think your electricity bill does not reflect your actual usage. You can use this page to get a rough price quote for your bill.