LESCO Complaint Number

You can use the following Lesco Complaint Numbers in case of power failures;

  • 042-111000118
  • 0320-0520888
  • 99205461
  • 99205464

You can also use the following Tool Free Lesco Complaint Number to register a complaint;

  • 0800-00118
LESCO Complaint Process

As a Lesco client in Pakistan, knowing how to file a complaint is an essential skill. Stop by the LESCO office in your area to file a formal complaint and provide details about the incident. When you report an issue, the team will assign you a unique ID or token number that you may use to follow its progress. Never pay any amount different than what is on your LESCO bill, as doing so might institutionalize corruption and make it more difficult to resolve any difficulties you may have. You may save yourself a lot of time and hassle by learning the ins and outs of making direct contact with LESCO.

LESCO Complaint Number and Procedure

Complaining to LESCO is simpler than ever before. When you call the LESCO Complaint Number, a helpful agent will answer your call and address your concerns. You can phone them at any time to inquire about the progress of your complaint.

After submitting your complaint and contact information, you will receive updates through email or text message as per the procedure. Then you’ll know that LESCO has received your complaint and is working to resolve it.

Get your power back on by calling the toll-free number (118) or sending an SMS message to the number (8118) if you’re having problems with your electricity supply.

LESCO Online Complaint procedure

If you are having trouble with your electrical service, you can use the LESCO Online Complaint procedure to file a complaint and get it resolved as quickly as possible. Go to the LESCO website and fill out a form to lodge a complaint.

Your case will be assigned to an electronics officer who will work with you to find a solution as soon and as painlessly as possible. You can also reach them by phone or in person if you’re having trouble using their online complaint form, although they prefer using the form for the quickest response and most thorough advice.

Steps for Filing a Lesco Complaint Online

A complaint about an electric bill can be easily and quickly filed with LESCO, the largest electricity supplier in Pakistan. You can easily file a Complaint Online with LESCO by clicking on this link and navigating to their user-friendly website. Just a few simple actions will accomplish this.

  • You’ll need to give them information about your account, including your reference number and service ID.
  • You must disclose consumer information.
  • Give us the specifics of your complaint. That’s how simple it is! Once an online complaint has been submitted, it is up to the appropriate authorities to handle the matter as soon as possible. Don’t wait any longer if you’re having trouble with your electric bill; submit a Lesco Complaint Online immediately!