LESCO Bill Calculator|LESCO Bill Estimator

LESCO Bill Calculator and Bill Checkers

Electricity use and costs are rising worldwide as more people use air conditioners and other home equipment. In Pakistan, the LESCO Bill is quantified in a number of different ways, including by the number of units used and the type of meter used.

Technical jargon plays a crucial role. The LESCO Bill Calculator (or LESCO Bill Estimator) will help you estimate your monthly LESCO bill. Let’s dive into the jargon, then.

The LESCO Bill Calculator: How to Use It?

Before you click the button above to access the power bill calculation pop-up, please read the following information regarding technical terms.

Step 1: Your Connection Type

Before getting started, you need to check your electricity connection type.

Types of LESCO Type of Tariff

The first drop-down menu on the calculator provides options for these rates. Having a clear idea of what choice to choose is crucial.

 Step 2: Phase Type

Now, select the one option from below one;

  1. Single Phase
  2. Three Phase
Step 3: Units Consumed

You must now specify the monthly consumption rate in units. There are three different ways to enter the quantity:

  1. Kilowatt Hour (kWH)
  2. Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hours (KVARH)
  3. Maximum Demand Indicator (MDI)

Below each of the aforementioned fields, you’ll find two additional unit fields:

  1. Off-Peak
  2. Peak
Step 4: Meter Rent

You also need to enter Meter Rent in the next field if it applies to your tariff.

Step 5: Service Rent

Then you need to submit your Service Rent, if it is applicable.

Step 6: Arears

Enter areas in this field.

Step 7: No. Of TV sets

Now, please specify how many televisions you have in your home. In the drop-down menu, select from 1–9 televisions.

Step 8: Tax Exemptions

A couple more blanks would be provided. The boxes can be checked or unchecked as needed.

  • STRN Available
  • Sales Tax for Retailers Exempt
  • ED Exempt
  • GST Exempt
  • IT Exempt
  • E-Tax Exempt
  • Additional Sales Tax to Marble and Granite Industry
Closing Remarks

We have filled out every section of the LESCO Bill Calculator with accurate information. When you are finished entering your information and are ready to get your anticipated LESCO Bill Online, click the submit button.

If you use this power bill calculator, you may get a ballpark estimate of your monthly charge. The electricity cost, but not the tax, can be determined with this tool.

In many ways, taxes are unpredictable. Government choices, surcharge calculations, and policy changes all have a role in determining your tax liability, which in turn impacts your Lesco Monthly Bill.

It is recommended that you do not pay LESCO until you have received a bill, either digitally or physically.