10 Practical Tips to Lower Your Electricity Bill This Summer – LESCO Bill

Summer has arrived with its scorching heat and elevating electricity bills. In summer, there is consumption of power in air conditioning systems and other cooling appliances. That is the main reason behind inflated electricity bills .Because rate of units increase due to high demand of electricity. There are major 10 tips to lower your electricity bill this summer which are following.


  • Avoid unnecessary usage at peak hours :

                    Electricity bills have been a great problem especially during summer. There is a great need to take smart steps to reduce the usage of unnecessary appliances and tube lights at home especially during peak hours. Avoid using energy during specific peak hours. These peak hours are defined by the centre of power supply in your areas.It affects your electricity bills greatly.Do unplug your mobile chargers when they are not in use by anyone. Avoid using major appliances such as ovens etc. for unneeded reasons.

  • Adjust thermostat in air conditioners:

Adjusting the thermostat reduces the potential energy costs. In summer, adjust the thermostat of your air conditioners and other cooling appliances accordingly to avoid elevation of electricity bills. Set your thermostat at 78 degree Fahrenheit, which is an ideal temperature for summer.

  • Use energy efficient appliances:

Use energy efficient appliances at home to decrease power intake. Instead of regular bulbs, use smart bulbs and LED lights at home. It helps a lot in decreasing the consumed units. Energy efficient appliances are also eco friendly. Fans and air coolers are also a type of energy efficient appliances. Use fans and coolers for daily use instead of air conditioners in summer. These appliances consume less resources and decrease electricity bills.

  • Use natural resources:

Set up a proper ventilation system at homes instead of cooling your rooms with air conditioners. Open windows in the morning and evening to get fresh air and natural light. At noon , cover your windows properly to avoid heat waves. Insulate your roofs to avoid the scorching heat of summer. Using natural resources will reduce your power consumption and ultimately your electricity bills.

  • Consume solar energy:

Reduce your power consumption by using solar panels and systems operated by solar energy. Take full benefit of the scorching heat of the summer by reusing it for operating your appliances. Reduce your bills by using solar panels that are eco friendly resources of energy.

  • Daylight over artificial light:

            Instead of using tube lights or bulbs during day time, try to use daylight if possible. While doing this avoid direct sunlight that might be harmful.

  • Unplug electrical devices / use smart power strip:

             Turn off electrical devices that are not needed, or whenever you are out. Smart power strip that directly disables things that are not in use at the moment. 

  • Blocking the sun out:

            Cover the parts that are directly encountered to sunlight, to avoid the heat coming in. This blocking can keep your house cool and you won’t need to turn the AC on for long.

  • Maintaining Air conditioners:

             Keeping air filters clean and checking the working of your air conditioners regularly to see if they work smoothly. Cleaning coil fins and schedule the cleaning sessions, check if all the parts are working okay or are not deformed that might disturb the working resulting in increasing the drainage of energy.

  • Electricity audit:

Electricity audit basically assesses energy and electricity usage at your home. This seems a bit hectic to do, but it is a game changer once you know where you need to reduce use of energy or work precisely, you can reduce energy usage and improve efficiency.


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