LESCO Online Bill Payment

LESCO Online Bill Payment – Pay LESCO Bill – LESCO Bill Pay Online

In this article, we will be exploring the benefits of LESCO online bill payment. The most obvious benefit is saving time and energy. LESCO bill online payment can save a significant amount of time for you since you don’t have to go out and stand in line to pay it in person or give a call to do so. You can also avoid making a trip to a bank branch that won’t be open when you get off work or on weekends.

Another benefit is that there are no usage fees for paying your electricity bills on an e-service provider like jazz cash, easy paisa, or any other internet banking-enabled bank. You can do your LESCO bill check online and pay your electricity bills with ease and without any hassle.

How to Pay LESCO Bill Online UBL

LESCO Online Bill Payment

LESCO’s online bill payment has made the process of paying bills easy. It helps in reducing hap-hazard situations caused by the customers standing in long queues, reduces costs incurred by customers, and ensures timely payments. It is now possible to perform LESCO online bill payments. You can do this by following these steps:

Paying LESCO Bill Through The Bank’s Official Website

  • For the LESCO Online Bill payment visit the official website of your online banking.
  • Fill up your details required on the form and select “Payment Mode” and then “Pay Online”.
  • Enter your 14- digit LESCO reference number and the company “LESCO” in the spaces provided and then enter your payment method
  • A pop-up window will open, where you will need to enter your credit card information for verification purposes
  • Your LESCO bill will be paid online, after verification of your entered details

Pay LESCO Bill Using Mobile App

  • Log in to your mobile banking app.
  • Fill up your details required from the given supported companies available.
  • Enter your 14-digit LESCO reference number after selecting the company (LESCO) in the spaces provided.
  • The system generates an OTP.
  • Fill in that OTP to verify your transaction for verification.
  • After verification of your entered details, your LESCO payment will be done.

LESCO Tariff Guide

LESCO unit prices are decided by the Government. Each year, Government passes these prices down as a form of LESCO tariff guide which provides consumers of electricity with all the required information of unit prices. Below we have mentioned the LESCO unit costs for Residential as well as LESCO commercial unit rate.

#.Consumed UnitsApplicable Charges
1.Up to 50 Units3.95
2.Up to 100 Units7.74
3.100-200 Units10.06
4.301-700 Units12.15
5.301-700 Units19.55
6.700+ Units22.65

A2 General Supply Tariff-Commercial

#.Tariff CategoryApplicable Charges
1.For Sanctioned loads less than 5 kW19.95
2.For Sanctioned loads 5 kW & above21.63

LESCO Bill Calculator

LESCO bill calculator provides estimates and is not strictly accurate, but it is still good at helping consumers understand the costs of their LESCO electric bills online.

The online bill calculators are designed to be easy to use- all you have to do is to enter information about your recent electricity usage, and the calculator will do all the rest for you. They are also free to use, so there is no need for any payment or registration on these websites. LESCO bill estimator is a tool that consumers use to calculate their electricity bills through the predefined LESCO tariff prices. 

  1. Visit the site and Input your LESCO Units Used according to the LESCO unit rate to calculate LESCO bills online
  2. Click on “Calculate LESCO bill online”.
  3. Within a few seconds, the LESCO bill Estimator will show you the due payment and calculated bill.

LESCO Net Metering

The LESCO net metering is a program that provides homeowners with the unique opportunity to sell their excess solar power back to LESCO. This LESCO net metering program will help you save on your electrical bills. Customers who qualify can buy electricity at a discounted rate.

LESCO always looking for ways to help customers save money and be more energy-efficient. One feature they provide is net metering which lets customers get a discount if they produce their electricity.

Benefits Of Paying Electricity Bills Online

  • Convenient
  • Accessible anywhere and anytime
  • Less time wasted on writing cheques or standing in Queues.

LESCO provides a facility to its consumers for LESCO bill online payment. LESCO’s online bill payment has made the process of paying bills easy. It helps in reducing hap-hazard situations caused by the customers standing in long queues. LESCO online bill payment is done at your home.

You can view your LESCO payment history as well from your LESCO reference number to see the record of your previous paid bills or to check your LESCO bills status. Make sure your bank provides mobile banking or internet banking. In case you are using any banking mobile app for LESCO Bill payment.

The LESCO bill estimator is an online tool that can help us calculate our monthly LESCO payments- just type in the number of units, the rate per unit, and your billing date to get a final estimate. You are only charged for the electricity you consumed in a month.


There are many ways for you to pay your electricity bill with LESCO, but LESCO Online Bill Payment is an easy way. It is a convenient way to make sure that your utility payments are paid on time. We hope the article about LESCO Online bill payment helps you in paying the bill without delay.

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